Weekly Menu- 1/20 to 1/24

Here is our Weekly Menu for this week. Lots of basic recipes; nothing too fancy. Sometimes it’s nice to try new, fancier recipes. And sometimes you just need some comfort food.

I made a pot roast on Sunday so Monday’s dinner will be easy- just heat and eat! I love using my crock pot, but since mine is defective and actually chars everything I put in it, I’ve started using it on Sunday and making enough for leftovers. This way I can keep an eye on it throughout the day, it doesn’t burn and waste food and it makes Sunday and Monday dinner easy. I also made waffles on Sunday plus extras for breakfast. I just heat them up in the oven, spread a little bit of peanut butter on them and drizzle with honey. A simple but really good breakfast. Tastes a little bit like dessert!

Monday: Leftover pot roast + carrots + cauliflower puree (potatoes for TJ)

Tuesday: Chicken + veggie stirfry (rice for TJ)

Wednesday: Pork Chops + applesauce + spinach + sliced cucumbers

Thursday: Pasta + meat sauce for TJ; spaghetti squash + cooked carrots + spinach for me

Friday: Not sure yet… Maybe out to dinner?

Breakfasts: coffee; waffles + peanut butter; sweet potato hashbrowns + eggs; chocolate smoothie (it has avocado in it!)

Lunch: turkey + avocado; apple + peanut butter; soaked and roasted nuts

weekly menu

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